Welcome to Models of Cellular Processes

Course material for the lecture Models of Cellular Processes (Modelle zellulärer Prozesse WS19/20) at the Humboldt-University Berlin, Institute for Theoretical Biology (ITB) by Dr. Matthias König.

All code and material available from https://github.com/matthiaskoenig/mcp.

Course overview

01. Modelling overview
02. Boolean networks
03. Cellular automata
04. Finite difference equations
05. Ordinary differential equations (ODE)
06. Models of metabolism
07. Stoichiometric matrix
08. Constraint-based analysis (CBA)
09. Sensitivity & Metabolic Control Analysis (MCA)
10. Stochastic processes
11. Signalling pathways
12. Standard formats (reproducibility)
13. Parameter estimation
14. Biological databases
15. Course review


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